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Thomas Strozyk, born in Hamburg, Germany, a city that I still call home, even if I’m living outside Hamburg now, with my family, including kids and cats.. 

I started my adventure under water at age 17, at first diving during vacation and in warm water only. After taking a short break for family and kids I restarted my diving career, got even more passionate than before and became a diving instructor.

A few years more of diving experience doing additional education and outings, guiding, and refining skills brought me to a different level of diving, first at IANTD and for the last 14 years at GUE.

A long learning curve which showed me the issues of many of the big diving associations and which got me to the point where I’d like to chose my own dive buddies and dive spots.

I don’t do discussions on basic principles – my style stands for safe and sound dives which are fun, challenging and make all participants grin at the end. 

Diving is one of the two most wonderful hobbies with people, and this is exactly how we’re doing it here.

Our dives offer new options, new dive spots, and new experiences, and extend the bandwidth of what you’ve sone.And last but not least: no discussion when somebody says “no”. Everybody decides for themselves what is a “no go” for them.

And who is “EAGLE”?

I’m Karen (Kay) Schulz-Kiske, at home most of the time at the seaside – on my favorite island Borkum (Germany), in Trieste (Italy) or in Bermuda – and with “shark”. However, in my free time, you will almost certainly find me in the mountains, or at least somewhere where you can hike.

Hiking is my passion, and my favorite mountains are the dolomites. Within the dolomite region, I simply love the area between Bolzano and Sappada, and there the Italian speaking part – with its wild and natural beauty – and less crowded (and the food there is simply fantastic).

I’m a hiking guide (Trainer C mountain hiking) for the German Alpine Association (Bremen) and lead hikes of all levels, from the weekend tour for beginners to challenging hikes from mountain hut to mountain hut.

When I offer you „new adventures” you can rely on that safety has always highest priority – also in an exciting and unusual context.

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