I regularly publish equipment tips on this blog (for example here) in loose order. Today I’m going […]
Friaul de Gasperi
We have already become accustomed to the fact that the Alps are particularly busy at the weekend. […]
Rheinsteig 2
This weekend saw the third round of our women’s tour series. For the second time, it took […]
Sometimes tours on your own are just nice. Relaxed, I go at my own pace, I plan […]
Our spring retreat to recharge our batteries and have fun – that’s what was going on last […]
If you live in northern Germany, mountains are naturally rather rare. You usually have to lie on […]
And again into the Luneburg heath :). And again the tour is overbooked several times. Wonderful, let’s […]
The long-awaited continuation of our first women’s tour – this time in winter and in the Harz […]
And once again the tour planning workshop. Again at the DAV, Bremen section, in our own premises […]
Do you sometimes wish there was a place where you could do everything in winter except ski […]