Minentauchen in Polen

May 15 – 20, 2025

So far we have explored Poland’s coast, and our positive experiences have left us wanting to see more. We are heading for the Silesian underground. There are three mines not far from Wroclaw. Two of them are well known and logistically well supplied. One is not.

Our guide Sabina takes us to the “Maria Concordia”, the “Kowary Uranium” mine and an old cellar vault.

Sabina Zapiór has been diving since 1998, has seen a lot of caves from Mexico to Sweden and is a TDI Cave and Trimix instructor. She knows the mines like the back of her hand and will accompany us as a guide and interpreter.

The “Maria Concordia” is certainly one of the better-known mines in Poland. Crystal-clear water, the shallowest level at 6m, the deepest at 40m, offer a variety of possibilities for cave beginners and professionals. Magnesia was mined here in the 1920s and then closed down in the 1960s. Above the ground, only a few ruins bear witness to its existence. Much of the underground was also filled in and forgotten. The flooded part was only rediscovered at the beginning of 2010 and is now open to cave divers for exploration.

The “Kowary” is a former uranium mine, one of the deepest mines in Poland at a depth of 242m. The levels here only start at 30m, the deepest diveable level is 150m. For “newcomers”, the first two levels are accessible at most. Diving here is much more challenging and less touristy than in Concordia.
Iron ore began to be mined here in the 12th century. Uranium was then discovered in 1925 and exploited until 1958.

The third “mine” on our tour to Poland is not actually a mine in the usual sense. Nothing has been dismantled here, but rather built on. The corridors that await us here are not deep, but narrow. Above ground, there are only ruins from times gone by, so you might expect a lot here, but not an extensive cave system. We are in for a surprise, Sabina knows what she is doing.

Our accommodation in Świdnica is simple but offers everything we need for the 5 days to recover from the day’s tours. We stay centrally here and drive to the individual spots, which are a maximum of 1-2 hours away.

Guide: Sabina

Costs: 1300 €

Included in the price:

Planning, organisation and tour guide
5 nights in a double room (single rooms available on demand) self catering
dive station fees, Diveguide

Exclusive of


Deadline for registration: February 3rd, 2025

info night: April 27th, 2025 19.00

Requirements: independent and autonomous diving in a buddy team, dry suit diving recommended, cave certification, minimum of 20 cave dives

Difficulty: medium to heavy

Getting there / accomodation:

Accommodation is at a apartment, breakfast not included. Single room generally possible at a surcharge. 

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