The clouds have closed in during the night and a stiff wind is blowing from the north.

We set off in the direction of the Brocken via the Eckerlochstieg, probably the most beautiful path leading to the Brocken summit. It has amazingly little snow at the bottom, but in the upper part we meet the bare ice between the boulders. However, further ahead, the moor is also frozen and facilitates the ascent. We don’t hear the whistle of the Brocken train, and on the Brocken road we only encounter a single cyclist at the top.

However, it is not only windy, but also foggy with light snow. We have no waterproofs on yet, and our jackets cover themselves instantly with a thin layer of ice – which cracks when the arms move. We quickly shoot the obligatory Brocken picture and set off to the Brockenwirt to warm up.

After an hour, we head back down towards Oderbrück. There at the parking lot waits the next hot chocolate for us to warm up – the best of the tour. It gets a bit warmer and also clears up slightly – we spend a very relaxed hour of walking along the “fairy tale” path towards Torfhaus.

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