We leave the extremely hospitable youth hostel much later than planned due to the excellent breakfast…

And it turns out that the path towards Romkerhall has its pitfalls. After a good start we get into the area where all the trees have fallen or been cut – due to storms or pests; marked paths are impassable, we have to go down a right steep, snowy slope. This means re-planning for the next time!

The Jägerstieg behind Arendsberg turns into an unexpectedly beautiful hiking trail. What looks like an untraveled path at the beginning turns out to be a mountain trail resembling those in the alps right down to Romkerhall.

At Romkerhall, we have the obligatory cream puff in the “Kingdom” (an historical restaurant and hotel), before we start into the last part of the hike through the Oker Valley. And there, too: the wind has cut a swath of devastation, entire slopes are deforested. It will take decades before the area will be once again lush and green. Otherwise, the path in the lower part is beautiful and pleasant as always, and we only follow the streets for the last minutes to the station.

A wonderful 3 day tour!

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