One week later… and the planning visions (see last week) come true… Spring bloomers, chirping birds and heath starting to grow again.

Already on Friday, it is completely different compared to the previous week. It is still cold, but clear and sunny. The weather forecast is mixed – rain not excluded – but warm: up to 15 degrees are forecasted.

Despite the so different – and more train-friendly weather – the Metronom from Bremen is again not really on time. Together we climb the stairs to the Blue Bridge. Malicious voices claim that this will be the steepest climb during the netx couple of days at the Heidschnuckenweg. And what can I say… they are right!

The route is objectively the same as last week. Subjectively, however, we could be in a completely different area: We enjoy the view over wide expanses of heath. The toboggan runs at Brunsberg and Pferdekopf now belong to the mountain bikers, who use them as downhill tracks. And only the hotels with the usual beautiful rooms and good food are truly the same.

The second day is also just going very smoothly. We can hear the birds in the forest and enjoy the rays of sunshine winking through the trees. And at the Heide-Erlebniszentrum we enjoy coffee and cake outside. We don’t even notice the rather long distance – or if we do, then only when we take a shower at the hotel…

And also the last day starts sunny. We take the Pastor-Bode-Weg and the rise to the Wilseder Berg (what you call rise) in a stride. With sun and little wind, we enjoy the view to the north. After the lunch break, the temptation is great to sink onto a bench and enjoy the sunshine – no wonder, after Heidschnuckenbratwurst and similar treats. But we still have three hours to go, and between Heide and Spitzbubenweg there is lots to see. Even if the long straight trail towards Schneverdingen is a psychological challenge. In beautiful sunshine, we arrive at the train station in Schneverdingen – and our heads are not only full of beautiful memories, but also full of new tour ideas.

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