What could be better than spending a long weekend hiking on an East Frisian island? Right – to do the whole thing in good company and in bright sunshine.

And that’s exactly what we experienced the last two days. When we arrived on Friday, it was still raining cats and dogs. I myself came by bike from the town and had a thick rain jacket brand “dam” on for safety, rain pants and Gore Tex shoes. One dinner in the hostel (with chocolate pudding) and a preliminary meeting later, the spook was over and the sunny weekend could begin!

On Saturday we went – with a still somewhat hesitant sun – from the roadstead over the boardwalk to the south beach. We loved the part at the Ronde Plate. And of course the many birds, which led us again and again to stop and observe. In the meantime, the sun was fully there, and on we went via Bismarckstrasse into town, and out again over the north dunes to the airfield and to the Eastern Land. We stopped at the Bauernstuben for coffee and cake (cake and cream puffs included), and then made our way back via the Seedeich. Dinner ended with caramel pudding….

After some discussion, we decided to take the 8:25 bus on Sunday. This meant an early breakfast. However, we were rewarded with an empty boardwalk as we started our hike toward the eastern tip from the center of town. A good 2 1/2 hours and an encounter with sea kayakers later, we were at the eastern tip of Borkum. On the way we had the beach completely to ourselves – it was deserted – like closed off! The sun was shining from a bright blue sky. Again a stop in the Ostland and then already the way back to the city. Finally, we treated ourselves to an ice cream – as a reward for 23 km trail. And dinner finished with vanilla pudidng ;).

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