This tour is different from the others in several ways. Firstly, it takes place on my home island of Borkum. Well, I’ve already done that once before in April. Secondly, and more importantly, it’s our first hiking and yoga retreat. The idea behind it is to combine hiking with the benefits of yoga. Stretching, strengthening and relaxing.

5 participants have registered. Tini and I are therefore faced with the challenge of getting all the equipment on and off the island. Luckily, there is such a helpful thing as handcarts, and so we roll on and off the ferry with a heavy load.

Thursday morning is the calm before the storm – in so many ways. We have great sunshine and start the day with a nice walking session – still without the participants, as they don’t arrive until the afternoon ferry.

The ferry and participants are right on time, so we start our first ‘arrival session’ on time before heading to my place for dinner. We have chilli con quinoa and a cherry and quark cake for dessert – and a lively round of chats.

The next morning we start early at 7.30 am with the first gentle yoga session, as we want to set off for our hike at 10 am. The dream hike to the Ostspitze awaits. We definitely want to be back on time before dark. The weather plays along: It’s getting sunnier and sunnier, and by the afternoon we have blue skies.

A surprise awaits us on the way back through the nature reserve. One of the tideways is so full of water that the bridge over it ends in the water instead of on our bank. But it wouldn’t be our participants if there wasn’t a solution. Without further ado, we roll up our trousers (or take them off) and wade to the bridge. A number of other hikers on the way turn back, shaking their heads…

We reward ourselves with coffee and cake in the next cafè. And we actually make it back before dark.

The afternoon yoga session is definitely a short one – lots of relaxation for tired feet and legs, and Tini uses her hot stones for the first time: a blessing! And everyone is hungry afterwards anyway.

The next day, the weather is a little less kind to us: it is windy and grey, and the first drops of rain are falling as we turn in. So, we spend an almost cosy afternoon with hot stones and Reiki. Wonderful!

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, the participants can choose between relaxing indoors or an outdoor activity involving beach, wind and sun. And the take up rate is 50/50. We close the retreat around midday and there is still time for coffee and cake before the ferry departs.

The next retreats are already online :)!

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