What do you do in November when it’s grey and wet outside and the snow season in the mountains hasn’t started yet? A workshop weekend at the DAV, Bremen section, is just the thing. This weekend (November 25-26, 2023), we refreshed our tour planning skills together.

What does the ideal tour look like for me? How do I rate myself? How good is my fitness level, and how good is my technique? You should know all this before you start planning your tour.

We read maps of mountains in different countries and learn a lot about contour lines and terrain. This is our starting point for route planning. From there, we familiarise ourselves with the basics of Komoot and work on the last challenge of the day.

Two groups each plan a day tour in the Lüneburg Heath for the following day. Including arrival and departure, route, viewpoints and, of course, a nice place to stop for refreshments at the end. Both groups are planning a great tour – so it’s difficult to choose. In the end, we decide in favour of the tour that starts in Niederhaverbeck.

The next morning is grey, but it’s not raining or snowing – at least not yet. We set off for the Wilseder Berg. Once we reach the top (yes – there is a “top”), we practise aligning the map northbound and taking aim to determine landmarks. With a bit of practice, all participants manage this very well.

We continue to Wilsede and then to Totengrund. Once around, and then on the Hermann-Löns-Weg and over the Turmberg back to Niederhaverback. We finish the day with a cosy stop at the Haverbecker Hof. To be continued!

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