And once again the tour planning workshop. Again at the DAV, Bremen section, in our own premises in the climbing center. And again with the same teaching content: Self-assessment with the “hiker’s card”, map reading, using Komoot.

This time, however, we have a very diverse group of participants: 2 young people, one who would like to cross the Alps with friends, the other wanting to learn about alpine risks and dangers. New members and old hands who want to study maps and Komoot again.

It’s all in the mix. And we quickly have the various maps in front of us and are in the detail. Alpine Club maps against Tabacco. What reads how? And what does the shading mean? Everyone takes something away from the practical work with the maps. Paths marked with crosses on Tabacco maps? Not for beginners! Terrain shapes and contour lines – ah, so that’s a ravine with a stream on the map!

And again we have 2 competing day trips. And yes, we’re going up the Wilseder Berg again on Sunday. The fog is thick and we struggle to see the next cypress tree. Take bearings? Of course! Then it’s the cypress tree and not the observation tower 20 k away…

We are in deep discussion why we need the direction number when taking bearings. We try out the DAV’s direction indicator – and as the cold creeps into our jackets, we set off on our onward journey.

After Totengrund, we continue on the Herman-Löns-Weg, and after Overhaverbeck we make a detour to the west. Finally, we stop for coffee and cake at Landhaus Haverbeck – same prodecure… And there, too, we make plans for our next tours!

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