The long-awaited continuation of our first women’s tour – this time in winter and in the Harz Mountains. Of course, we had hoped for snow and the tour was designed accordingly. But of course… no snow. On Friday, it’s 15 degrees and we have a tiny bit of sunshine.

But that didn’t dampen our spirits, quite the opposite. In fact, the forecast was actually for mucky weather… We didn’t get a single drop of rain the whole weekend – almost none.

Climate-conscious as always, all the women are traveling in carpools. We park the cars at the train station in Walkenried. Although we meet before 9 a.m. and are therefore all on the road by 6 a.m., everyone is in a good mood. Everyone knows at least one other woman, and thanks to the prep meeting, everyone has already seen everybody at least once.

After a short train ride to Barbis – Bad Lauterberg, we first make our way to the town center of Bad Lauterberg: there is a desire to get some refreshments before the “real” start. The absolutely right decision: when we come out of the café, there are exactly 2 drops of rain. And that’s it :).

The first stage flies by. The path is sometimes wide, sometimes narrow. It leads past the Wiesenbek pond and up the Ravensberg. It’s a bit draughty up there, but we have a wonderful view. We pass the fairytale park and arrive in Bad Sachsa, where we find an extremely hospitable hotel owner and a very good breakfast at Haus Ingeburg.

After an evening at the Greek restaurant and a great breakfast, we start the next stage invigorated. The trail swings up and down, but mostly on wide forest paths. At least the trail is dry and we don’t have to go through mud. From Stöberhai we enjoy a fantastic view of the northern Harz Mountains.

We have less luck with accommodation in Wieda and the bakery is also closed. Instead, there is another good Greek restaurant in the evening. This one has even fired up the stove. We sit for a long time – and I don’t recall having laughed so much lately!

The next day we set off on the final stage. First we come to the beautifully restored little town of Zorge. We take a quick look into the church before hiking back up the other side of the valley. After a lunch break, we head into the plain, towards the end on the Eseltreiberpfad (donkey driver trail). And we’re still wondering why that trail is called that way!

Walkenried is sleepy in the early afternoon and offers us no opportunity to stop for refreshments. So we walk straight to the train station and our cars. We realize, slightly wistfully, that we won’t be hiking any further tomorrow, but that work and the office await us instead.

The next women’s tour is already waiting – see you on the Rheinsteig in May!

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