And again into the Luneburg heath :). And again the tour is overbooked several times. Wonderful, let’s get going!

Our train from Schneverdingen, where some people have parked their cars, is late. And that’s a good thing: It rains during the delay. And it stops as soon as we get off the train. Excellent – because then it doesn’t rain again for the whole weekend.

On the contrary, it gets a little nicer every day. If the lunch break on the Pferdekopf is still a little draughty, it clears up in Handeloh towards the afternoon.

The asphalt is still wet the next morning as we head towards the dirt track at the start of the second stage. But when we arrive at the Heideerlebniszentrum in Undeloh late in the afternoon, the sun is already shining outside. Admittedly, it’s still a little cold, so we duck inside. We regain our strength with coffee, cake and Heidschnucken sausage. The last 1.5 hours of hiking are easy. This time we spend the night at Hof Sudermühlen. Those who were there last year were unanimous: this overnight stay was better than last year and should remain on the program.

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we set off quite early in the direction of Schneverdingen. The sun is shining and the fog is still wafting over the heath. The fog stays with us for the first hour. Surprisingly, we don’t meet a single person for the first two hours or so up to Wilseder Berg. We enjoy the peace and quiet and the photo opportunities. We stop for a bite to eat in Niederhaverbeck. And contrary to the weather forecast, it remains stable and dry in the afternoon. With relaxed conversations and chats, even the last stretch towards Schneverdingen is not really noticeable. After a total distance of over 60 km, we finally arrive at the station in Schneverdingen on Sunday afternoon. See you again next year!

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