Our spring retreat to recharge our batteries and have fun – that’s what was going on last weekend. We started right on time at 7 pm on Thursday with a yoga session to kick off a full and varied program. Once again, we chose borkumSPORT as the venue. The apartments there in combination with the beautiful training room directly in the neighboring building offer a pleasant environment to feel good. And not to forget: The great breakfast served in the adjacent Hotel Bloemfountein!

On Friday, after an early yoga session, we were early on our way to East Point. Certainly one of the most beautiful hikes that Borkum has to offer. And also one of the longest – and this time without survival interlude :). So the stretching and relaxation session with hot stones with Tini afterwards was just right. A delicious dinner was also a must!

On Saturday, we took things a little easier and half an hour later. After the activating yoga session, we paid a visit to the south beach and the promenade. We would have liked to walk through the dunes for longer. Unfortunately, the hinterland is currently heavily flooded in some places. Almost another case for the survival team… We consoled ourselves with coffee and cake at the old lighthouse.

Finally, on Sunday, the program of choice for all participants was a walk on the beach! The good weather (albeit with wind force 5 – 6) did the rest. We walked along the water’s edge on the north beach. The purest thalasso therapy.

In the early afternoon, it was time to say goodbye to Borkum after 3 relaxing and sunny days by the sea.

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