Sometimes tours on your own are just nice. Relaxed, I go at my own pace, I plan according to my own ability (and of course my own fitness level). A lucky coincidence has given me a week off after the yoga retreat, and I’m taking advantage of this to drive to Lake Garda in advance. I plan to come back later in the year. And Thomas wants to join me afterwards with Red Patty.

So I quickly book a train ticket to Rovereto and set off early in northern Germany. I’m only slightly late in Munich and still manage to catch the connecting train. I continue almost on time via Innsbruck and Bolzano. Rovereto is not of obvious beauty. It’s the hidden corners that make the town so charming.

The next morning I take the bus to Riva. Bus and train are definitely a good alternative in the area: punctual, regular and inexpensive. A good half hour later, I’m already on Lake Garda and ready to set off. My destination tonight is Navene, I have pre-booked the hotel already.

My route leads up to around 1,100 meters and then descends again towards Navene. I decide not to take the route through the old fortifications (I already know them), but want to take a more direct route to the top. However, neither the map nor the app tell me that the 601 is a downhill mountain bike route… Going that way is firstly closed to pedestrians and secondly definitely not a good idea. So, for the future: back around the outside of Torbole through the vineyards and the old remains of the war!

Unfortunately, it becomes cloudy towards Navene. Fortunately it doesn’t rain, but it’s getting colder overall. A good dinner at the hotel with fritto misto is just what I need.

I haven’t really planned the next day. I want to head towards Torri del Benaco. How far depends on when Thomas picks me up. It will actually take quite a while. Winter has struck at the Fernpass. Snow in the middle of April? Yikes! Luckily it’s warmer at Lake Garda, even if the temperature isn’t particularly spring-like.

So the trail leads me up and down, with limited elevation gain and loss, between the shore and the “first floor”. In the end, I’ve covered almost 30 km and 600 meters in altitude – a bit more than just a day of strolling.

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