This weekend saw the third round of our women’s tour series. For the second time, it took place on the Rheinsteig. This time with the trail’s highlight: around the Loreley and two other very scenic, easier stages.

In other words: We are ready. We’ve been staring spellbound at the weather forecast all week. It feels like the weather forecast says something different every hour. But the general trend: better! When we set off from Kestert on Friday morning, it was still raining. Not pouring – but it’s a good opportunity to try out the new rain gear! Instead of taking the marked path, we follow the landlady’s recommendation and walk through the Pulsbach gorge. Beautiful! It definitely makes up for the few hundred meters of road we have to walk.

As usual, the path swings up and down. From midday it becomes dry and the cloud cover breaks up. We enjoy the first rays of sunshine. By then, however, we are almost down at our destination in St. Goarshausen. The sun accompanies us on the ferry to the other side of the Rhine, where we spend the night.

On Saturday, it’s time for our big challenge: the longest and most challenging stage. After about an hour, we reach the Loreley plateau. The view is spectacular, but the design of the platform is a disappointment: lots of concrete, a large parking lot – romantic is something else. We prefer to continue on our way between vineyards and more great views.

After midday, things get exciting again: the path takes on an alpine character: some sections are secured by ropes and the views are not for people who are not free from vertigo. A good opportunity to train your surefootedness, too. And of course a great preparation for the upcoming mountain season.

On the last few meters, we meet two rather unhappy-looking young men. Both shoe soles have come loose on one of them. A reminder to always take a tube of 2-component glue with you to the Alps in the near future… However, they don’t seem to take it too tragically. It feels like they’ve already had quite a bit of the local wine.

We spend the night at the Hotel Deutsches Haus – excellent food and the owner always has great advice. That’s why we don’t follow the Rheinsteig description the next morning, but walk over the old town wall and up through the vineyards. Wonderful!

Sunday is a relaxed day with many beautiful views. It’s an easy trail we’re following. Only at the end is there another secured descent – which everyone masters with ease. We arrive at the station on time. And as we still have an hour to spare in Koblenz thanks to good time management, we enjoy coffee, ice cream and tiramisu at an Italian restaurant. This is how a tour should end!

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