May 17 – 23, 2024

The Hel peninsula, which once belonged to Pomerania, now forms the upper part of Gdansk / Putzig Bay. The Second World War began here in 1939 with the attack on the Westerplatte on September 1. The invasion of Poland.

Barely 8 hours from Hamburg, there are many relics of times of war here. Above and below water. These include fascinating wrecks such as the “Franken”, “U-367” and the “Graf Zeppelin” We don’t want to overdo it, however, and will take a look at the somewhat simpler, but no less exciting wrecks in less deep areas.

From torpedo boats to freighters, there are some exciting wrecks in the range up to 40 meters.

We start our trips to these wrecks, which are quite close to the coast, a few kilometers north of Gdansk on Hel. The RIB will take between 10 and 30 minutes to take us to wrecks in a range between 18 and 70 meters. This will make it possible to carry out N32 dives as well as technical dives with trimix. German submarines, passenger ships used as hospital ships, steamships from the First World War … more than 30 wrecks from different periods and at different levels of difficulty.

The local base knows its way around, Lena from Diving Baltic has been taking divers to the individual spots for around 18 years. Short distances both to the diving boat (a RIB for max. 10 people) and to the individual wrecks.

Hel itself also has a lot to offer on land. Due to the large number of bunkers in the forests of the narrow peninsula, there are various museums and “lost places”. Tourists are well catered for here and there are always events taking place at the weekends.

The light sandy beach and the long shallow waters of the bay are ideal for swimming.

Guide: Thomas

costs: 960€

Included in the price: 
Planning, organization and tour guide

Overnight stay in a small, privately run guesthouse near the base in a double room, a single room is available on request. Without breakfast.

Depending on the weather and level of difficulty, we will do 2 dives per day.
10 dives from the boat and 6 nights in a double room

Arrival day is Friday, May 17. First dives on Saturday and last dive on Wednesday, May 23rd can be used for dived in the morning.



Deadline for registration: April 7, 2024

Zoom info night: May 14, 2024 19.00

Requirements: independent and autonomous diving in a buddy team, dry suit diving recommended

Difficulty: easy / medium

Getting there / accomodation:

It takes about 8 hours from Hamburg to Hel by car. We will meet at the dive station.

Accommodation is at a simple hotel, close to the diving base. Multi-bed room, breakfast not included. Single room generally possible at a surcharge. 

Depending on weather we’ll do 1-2 dives per day.
Please bring all you need for diving with you.  

Arrival is Wednesday, departure for first dive 9 a.m. Thursday. 

Minimum number of participants: 4

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