December 8 – 12, 2023

60ha large and maximum approx. 30m deep… the Sundhäuser Lake in the middle of the “Goldene Aue” is located at the edge of the Thuringian town Nordhausen at the southern edge of the Harz. Nordhausen has a small but nice city center which provides for a nice change after the dives.

But back to the essentials, the Sundhäuser and the Möwensee are close together and provide for varied dives. Those who like it deep will find their favorite spot in the Möwensee with maximum 45m depth. Among other things there are remains of a training course for divers and relics from the mining time. In the shallower area there is a lot of fish and other underwater creatures 😉

The Sundhäuser lake is mainly known for the sunken “small town” Nordhusia. At a pleasant depth you’ll find everything that a small town has to offer. From the spooky cemetery, which can show all its charm during night dives, to the watchtower, everything is there.
In addition, there are a few wrecks and other “sights”.

We will stay at a small house at the lake, 2 double rooms offer space to spend a relaxed weekend together. Breakfast together before the day begins and the evening “hard” decision: cook or go out to eat nicely in the small town.

Action Sport Nordhausen on site fills what we need and offers info around the possible dives. Since you can park directly at the lake, there will also be no long ways into the water.

Number of participants (available / min / registered): 8 / 4 / 0

Guide: Thomas Strozyk

costs: from 280 EUR

Included in the price:

Planning, organisation and tour guide
2 nights excl. breakfast per person in a double room
fees for diving

Exclusive of

required gas

Deadline for registration: October 16, 2023

Zoom info night: September 24, 2023 5 p.m.

Requirements: independent and autonomous diving in a buddy team

Difficulty: easy

Getting there / accomodation:

The site is best reached by car. The journey from Hamburg to Nordhausen takes about 3 hours.

We will stay in a small house at the lake, accommodation in a double room, close to the dive sites. No Breakfast.

Depending on the weather and the level of difficulty we will do up to 3 dives per day.

Arrival day is Friday, first dives on Friday afternoon / evening and the last dive on Sunday noon.

This trip will be organized with a minimum of 4 divers.

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