Torpedo an Land

…In the beginning there was the storm… When we arrived on Friday evening, a decent wind swept across the Tollensesee and caused waves that would not have allowed diving. But Neptun was with us, and on Saturday morning the world looked better, rainy, grey, but the wind had dropped considerably.

Thanks to the great service of the guys from the Tollensesee diving club, a boat and a platform were ready to take our two teams to the dive spots.

The first group set off for the “Torpedo Forest”, a little further away. At a good 25m depth, a mystical green surrounds the torpedoes stuck in the bottom and the old platform from which the target practice was observed.

The second group was taken by platform to the blasted TVA / torpedo test station. The massive large debris, criss-crossed by the blast, formed a maze. You need a lot of imagination to recognise the old structures and details. The stands for the torpedoes, the exits, …

The superimposed debris provides various possibilities to enter the maze. Perfect taxiing and a good eye for the surroundings are indispensable if you don’t want to perforate your suit or spoil your view.

The third and last dive we did by DPV / scooter. So we could also explore the surroundings and get a “bigger” impression of the debris field.

An old pair of pants 🩳 caused a lot of laughter under water, as did a round of underwater volleyball with the old ball we found.

The two evenings and the breaks were filled with good conversations, exchange of experience about various diving adventures, recommendations for new things and gossip 🫣 about the industry.

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