Selfie auf der Boot 2023

Every year again, the big meeting – the Boot in Düsseldorf. The last few years I’ve avoided it, too many people in a small space, jostling for bargains.

As far as the crowds are concerned, that wasn’t quite as bad this time, but the supposed bargains … Manometer at the Boot: around 75€, at AS-Tecdive around 65€ … think about it and do the math 🤔 … even I don’t need a calculator. As always, keep your eyes open and check.
I’m sure one or two others got a good deal too. Apart from the fact that a nice little suex DPV is always a good deal 🤭.

Good and nice conversations with old friends as well as some exciting talks with possible new partners. The coming year promises to be exciting 😎.

Many dealers decided to save themselves the costs and effort this year and preferred to make good offers. A tendency I can well understand. If you’re not in the area anyway or have a specific reason (trying on a dry suit, etc.), I wouldn’t bother travelling far.

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