The new year is starting well, comparatively warm water and a new destination are good conditions for the start of an eventful year. We will focus strongly on expanding our idea, pushing Shark&Eagle forward and exploring new destinations for it.

That’s why I hitched up with some nice Italians and took a closer look at an old one-man submarine from the Second World War off the beach of Sistiana.

The “Molch” type boat, which lies in shallow water a short distance from the beach, belonged to a unit stationed here that operated the submarines from a small base with a bunker in the rock.
The small boats was able to carry a torpedo on each side, stalk closly to enemy ships and fire. Little effort with unfortunately quite a high risk.

Fortunately, no one had to lose their lives on the specimen on the beach. Nice to look at, it lies here at a moderate depth of 10m surrounded by isolated small reefs that are full of life. Various kinds of crabs, shrimps, lobsters, small schools of fish and nudibranches.

A really nice beginner dive site where photographers also get a lot to see. Especially in the macro area, there is a lot to be found here, especially as seahorses can often be found.

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