It started with “Marcie”, my T4 from the Grasberg fire brigade, and then came “Red Patty” … our big, red Mercedes 814 from the Leer volunteer fire brigade.

Marcie is meant for my small tours, Red Patty is converted / upgraded to a full-fledged motorhome with a diving compartment.

The conversion presented us with some challenges, and in our search for solutions, ideas and tips, we came across these two likeable guys: Lukas and Johannes from

They have turned the conversion of special vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines and hearses (yes, you read that right…) into a business idea and offer great converted vehicles with individual focuses such as working from home or simple life for rent.

So if you want to do a week of working “from home” on a beach in Sweden, you’ll find the right vehicle here.

But we also like to refer to the guys for our tours. If you don’t have a camper, but would like to spend time close to nature in style on the Eagle local tours or have the dive site right on your “doorstep” with Shark, you’re guaranteed to find just the right amount of luxury here.

And we will also include these in our hiking and diving packages.

And what could be better than looking out of the window from under your duvet and watching the sunrise over the mountain or lake?

And if you’re wondering how we came up with the two names of our own campers…. As fans of Charles M. Schulz and his Peanuts … Marcie is the secret admirer of Patty … and the “Red” came from the colour… but we also like to have “Black Betty” by Ram Jam in our ears while driving… 😉

Sprecht uns gern an, wir helfen bei der Auswahl oder stellen gern den Kontakt her.

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