Dive Boat within the Atlantic Ocean

5 days ago, there was 21 ° water temperature … yesterday then back home in the “house pond” 8 ° 😶‍🌫️ the first one with DiveBermuda and the other one with the besties from home … both have its charm … the question of whether “it’s much nicer in the warm” does not arise at all – as driving a Mercedes isn’t necessarily nicer in all aspects than a Porsche, right? 😁

There are so many different spots to dive on this beautiful earth, each has its charm and each has its requirements. Temperature, visibility, depth… are only three of many criteria that make up a dive spot.
I’m at least as happy in the Lake Zwenkau as in the North Atlantic, in the slate mine in the Sauerland, as well as at the wrecks in Croatia (ok, a little more at the wreck 🤭 )

Let us know where your favorite spots are… maybe we’ll be there soon and if not, we’ll help you make it happen.

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