Wracktauchen in Dänemark

With beautiful sunshine we went this time to Sønderborg, Denmark, for the Easter break. The “Sønderborg Sportsdykker Klubb” awaited us with exceptional hospitality. Noah and Mikael took good care of us for 3 days so we could experience the Baltic Sea and Denmark at their best despite moderate visibility.

To get into the groove we went to the “house reef” on Friday, an old dry dock that sank almost in front of the club’s front door and today lies at a relaxed 15m. Various cods and crabs awaited us next to the rest of the Baltic Sea-typical growth. Small highlight were the ghost crabs which could be caught in spite of their best camouflage.

On the following days we visited the “Inger Klit”, the coal freighter “Hans af Bogoe” and the brick transporting “Emanuel” as well as the remains of the torpedo station in front of Høruphav.

The Inger Klit awaits us standing upright on a sandy bottom, the superstructure of the wheelhouse has already collapsed and does not allow any meaningful penetration. Especially as it is hardly worth it, since everything that was once inside has long since found its way to some shelves. The beautiful vegetation and the many details make the wreck again and again a destination for a relaxing dive.
In contrast, “Hans af Bogoe” and “Emanuel” are rather small wrecks, remains of ewers that transported coal and bricks. The contrasts on the two wrecks are fascinating just because of the different cargoes.

Unfortunately, the visibility was not perfect this weekend with max. 4-5m, but the sun light provided some brightness even at depth and also made the 6° a little more bearable.

We stayed about 40min at the wreck of the “Inger Klit”, returning after more than 10 years to this beautiful wreck had its special charm.

Besides the dives, Sønderborg welcomed us as a charming little harbor town with Danish atmosphere. The castle at the harbor entrance and the small streets let us relax, enjoy the sun and end the day with good food.

Special thanks to the guys from Sønderborg Sportsdykker Klubb, it was a real pleasure and we will be back.

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