Abendromantik am Attersee

After the tours is before the tours, and in between there’s nothing better than looking for new dive sites and seeing where the journey can take us next year.

According to this motto, I met up with a couple of guys from the south of the republic and grabbed our red.patty to go to the Attersee. 

Four days of glorious sunshine and clear skies, we explored various dive sites around the Attersee. From steep walls to old pile dwellings, everything was there. 

Of course, we also explored the local gastronomy and diving infrastructure. The foundations for a tour in April 2024 have been laid and the planning is underway. You can be curious. There will be an “Upper Austrian duet”.

Since there is not only the Attersee in the Salzkammergut, we will certainly dive one or two more jewels here.

If you love clear water and the view of the mountains you should put a marker for April 2024!

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