Sundi the Dragon

An exciting year is coming to an end. Our last diving tour took us to Lake Sundhausen in Nordhausen.

In recent years, the team at Tauchsportzentrum Nordhausen has turned the lake into more and more of an adventure park for divers. A lot has changed here since I was here for the first time over 10 years ago. Not only has the old Oasis base long since closed, but large parts of the shore are now sporting modern bungalows.

But the Dive Center Action Sport is still there and offers practical accommodation at good prices and everything a diver’s heart desires. And all this with friendly service.

The latest attraction in the lake is “Sundi” the dragon, sorry, the dragon lady. She hovers within reach of Nordhusia – the underwater city – and causes fear and terror among the divers 🤿.

The fresh weather meant that we were almost alone at the lake. We explored the lake by DPV or “on foot”, skipping the Möwensee this time as the paths were simply too muddy due to the heavy rain of the last few days.

A small explorer tour by DPV to the wreck at the old diving center was also successful and provided additional fun under water.

Thanks to all participants who made this last tour of 2023 a relaxed and fun weekend.

Now it’s time for a few reflective festive days, and then we’ll start again in February with the next tour into a wet and happy 2024.

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