Some destinations only lose their appeal very slowly.

In the friendliest 🌤️, albeit cold 🥶 weather, we dived again at the remains of the torpedo testing facility in Lake Tollensesee.

Through the large debris field of the blasted facility and to the sunken torpedoes and platforms. Thanks to the cold season, visibility at depth is getting better and better. Even though it gets considerably darker from 20m onwards and it’s not really practical without a decent light, the visibility was already quite decent at 5-8m. When we are back in February, it should be even better.

Thanks to the Tollense Diving Club and the team from the Hostel am Güterbahnhof and the Güterbahnhof Restaurant 👨‍🍳🍔 who looked after us really well.

Even though it was still raining and hailing when we arrived on Friday afternoon, the clouds cleared on Saturday morning and it was a sunny, albeit rather frosty weekend.

As last time, we were well looked after by the guys from the diving club and taken to the dive sites on time.

As usual, the visibility in Lake Tollensesee gets better in the fall and the visibility increases with the cold season.

Whether cruising around the TVA by DPV or exploring the platforms or the torpedo forest “on foot”, there was plenty of variety in the destinations. Even if we’ve been there several times, you always discover something new 🤿.

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