Attersee Hausboot

Picturesquely nestled between mountains that still have the last snow on their peaks, we took a deeper look at Lake Traunsee and Lake Attersee on these sunny April days.

In Altmuenster on Lake Traunsee, Georg from Adventure Diving took us by boat to the steep walls of Lake Traunsee. Georg also supplied us with gas for the dives on Lake Attersee and always had time for a nice chat and good advice.

The steep walls of Lake Traunsee, some of which drop several hundred meters, are more for depth enthusiasts. Up from 20m it gets dark, the rock of the steep walls absorbs the remaining light and creates a fascinating darkness within the clear water.

The dive sites on Lake Attersee are completely different. There are steep walls here too, but there are over 20 entry points from shore around the lake. Replicas of historic pile dwellings, huge tree trunks that have slipped into the lake and various small and large boats are worthwhile destinations.

The cafés, bars and restaurants, which are already open within the low season, are easy to visit without having to push your way through the tourists from different nations.

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